Invent Dev

Invent Dev is an architectural visualization company that specializes in interactive experiences, where potentials home buyers can walk around houses either through a touch screen application or in a tethered virtual reality demo. Invent Dev's goal is to offer an immersive experience that traditional architectural visualization simply cannot offer.


Technical Artist 

Optimized scenes, introduced level streaming into the workflow, set up plasticSCM as source control for the artist and programmers, created maya scripts to help the artist have less downtime, implemented a more straight forward UE4 build process.


Revamped the player characters from the ground up, worked on procedural mesh generation for an unreleased project, experimented with computer vision.  

VR Specialist 

Virtual reality implementation in unreal 4 and unity, Oculus Rift, Vive



Vanke, GTA home show: Dream home


Amrit Ocean Resort, The View, Mirabella, Minto Glen Agar, Daniels Accessibility, Greentown


Hancock Lumber

Not yet released 

Continuum, Burrard, Ecosun, Icona, Invent Spaces